Make games, no programming required! Make exciting games and apps with Construct 2.

Construct 2 lets you make games without a single line of code. Make your games go viral with Construct 2's Facebook integration, and make money from your games by exporting them to the Chrome Web Store. Construct 2 is the easiest, most powerful and intuitive tool on the market. Not only do games made in Construct 2 work in all modern browsers, you can also make web apps for mobiles in a few clicks. Construct 2 is fast becoming the de-facto tool for rapid prototyping and game development amongst the indie gaming community and professional community as well.

Construct 2 is the most stable, powerful and intuitive game maker on the market. Unlike other programs Construct 2 issues a new release with lots of new features and updates on average once per week. The developers also listen and take onboard feedback from the thriving community.

This program is for indie game developers as well as professionals looking to save time and for rapid prototyping.

Construct 2


Construct 2 r114